Our members work in photography, graphic design, artistic direction, film direction, artist management, music curation, composing and sound design, creative production, digital and visual arts. Discover who they are below.

They work with us

  • Cabasa
    As a DJ, Cabasa approaches club music almost like solving a Rubik’s cube.
  • Veence Hanao
    Collective Veence Hanao Lydie Nesvadba
    Auteur, compositeur, interprète et producteur © Lydie Nesvadba
  • Dindins
    Through catering, Dindins wants to bring healthy, organic, terroir concepts to events.
  • Lydie Nesvadba
    Collective Lydie Nesvadba
  • Le Motel
    Collective le motel 17 Thomas Nolf
    Music Producer, DJ and Maloca Records boss, Le Motel effortlessly bridges music and visual artistry. © Thomas Nolf
  • Culte
    Culte is an artist booking and management agency.
  • Manon Anglade
    compressColl Manon
    254Forest Production Coordinator
  • Alexiane Lavisse
    compressCollective Alexiane
    254Forest Office Assistant
  • Grégoire Vanderheyden
    As a graphic designer, Grégoire offers accurate and witty designs. He will do the maximum to keep the minimum. © Lydie Nesvadba
  • Samuelspaniel
    Collective Luca Derom
    Music Producer, runs record label Boomerang.
  • Facetofacedesign
    Collective facetoface
    Flore Van Ryn & Delphine Dupont strive to offer a very personal design and appropriate advice on communication strategy. © Lydie Nesvadba
    Collective HYPNA DSC5447 copy 2
    Electronic Music Producer, Mastering Engineer and founder of artist collective and record label Plasma Sources
  • Emma Hazen
    Collective Emma Hazen
    Art Director
  • Rebecca Cuglietta
    compressCollective Rebecca
    254Forest Managing Director
  • Antoine De Schuyter
    Collective Ant Deschuyter
    Audiovisual Artist & Music Producer
  • Mika Oki
    compressCollective Mika Oki Thomas Ost HQ
    Light and Sound sculptor © Thomas Ost
  • Gretar Gunnlaugsson
    Director, Photographer & Visual Artist © Lydie Nesvadba
  • Pierre Debusschere
  • Laura Krsmanovic
    Collective Laura Lydie Nesvadba
    Between artistic projects and awareness campaigns Laura explores the invisible threads that connect us. © Lydie Nesvadba
  • Andrea Mancini - Cleveland
    Collective Cleveland Andrea
    Musician and Interdisciplinary Artist navigating between the club and contemporary art scenes.